We solve scalability problems.

Scalable software and data pipelines are critical to the success of your business. We can help you make sure that your software can scale, so you can worry about other things.

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About Us

Experts on data architecture, scalable software, data engineering, and data science with years of experience in the software industry, we are excited to help you solve your hardest problems.

We use technology like Apache Spark and languages like Scala, which are purpose-built for scalability and high-throughput systems.

Our customers come first. We will always do what is in your best interests, even if that means recommending that you go with someone else who will be more cost effective. Give us a call, you have nothing to lose.

We are proudly based in Columbus, Ohio, and we work with customers all over the country. Modern technology allows us to do most of our work remote, and airplanes help when that's not enough.

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Our Services

Data Architecture

Focusing on your data architecture early allows powerful insights and scalability

Data Engineering

Scalable pipelines are the backbone of successful analytics and empower data science

Data Science

Through cutting-edge machine learning and analytics, you can bring AI into your products

Scalable Custom Software

We can build custom scalable software to suit your needs

The Leadership Team

picture of Nicholas Tietz

Nicholas Tietz

President, Senior Software Engineer

Nicholas Tietz worked at three startups doing data engineering, and in two research labs doing machine learning and scalable systems research. He is a proud alumn of Kent State University with a degree in mathematics and in computer science. First and foremost, he is passionate about solving hard problems.

When he is not working, he loves to roast/brew/drink coffee, run long distances, and hang out with his wife and two cats.

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Have a scalability problem? Want a consult on the architecture for a new project? Send us a message and we can set up a time to talk about what you need.